Cardan shaft service machines

Cardan shaft service machines

In the manufacture and servicing of cardan shafts, we have implemented efficient diagnostic, disassembly and assembly technologies for the installed parts. At all stages, the latest technological solutions and machines and devices mostly developed by own internal resources are intensively used.

SMART CLAMP MD06 hydraulic cardan shaft disassembly machine

Considering a need to reach an efficient solution for cardan joint disassembly, SRBOAUTO as a long-term leader in servicing joint transmission has converted its extensive experience into a solution and created the cardan shaft joint disassembly machine – SMART CLAMP MD06.

Smart Clamp MD06
Zupčasta presa ZP07

Manual screw press model ZP 07

The manual screw press – model ZP 07 is intended for various assembly jobs by inserting and pressing. It is used in machine and service workshops which require the ability to generate fine and “sensitive” force, without the need to use electricity or any other type of energy.

It is ideal for inserting and removing different bushings, sleeves, rollers, etc.

It is primarily intended for mounting cardan crosses in cardan shaft joints.

Cardan shaft holder and straightener ST13

Cardan shaft holder and straightener – ST13 is an ideal clamping tool used for the assembly of all cardan types, particularly for large-size industrial applications.

It is highly adaptable to different parts and sizes.

It is also an indispensable device in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and servicing shops.

Mašina za pridržavanje i ispravljanje kardanskih vratila ST13