Wheel alignment services

Wheel alignment services

SRBOAUTO and its servicing centre provide wheel repair and alignment services for commercial vehicles and buses

Our servicing workshop is the only workshop in Serbia that is equipped with the most modern wheel alignment system manufactured by the world leader in wheel alignment “Josam”.

Your vehicles require wheel alignment services for your safety, comfort and your tires.

Setting your vehicle’s wheels to the optimum position, as per the car manufacturer’s specifications ensures stability, rational tire wear and fuel consumption.

Tire tread wear can indicate tire wear, inadequate tire pressure, inadequate wheel geometry, poo wheel alignment, or wheel imbalance. All of these phenomena require urgent corrective actions to ensure active vehicle safety.

Josam is the world leader in equipment and methods for alignment and straightening of commercial vehicles.  Their patented laser technology for wheel alignment is well-known globally.

The wheel alignment process is based on a centre vehicle line, i.e. movement direction, not on the position of the rear axle, which is the case with other manufacturers. Namely, Josam’s machine directs all axles and wheels in the direction of vehicle movement, while with other manufacturers, wheel alignment is based on the axle as a reference point, which is often off-axis. This results in inaccurate measurements and may cause even bigger problems with the vehicle. Josam’s “I-Track” makes all measurements through measuring heads placed on the axle and uses a laser over fixed targets to read the wheel orientation, which, from the moment of setting the vehicle to printing the report, takes only 7-8 minutes.

For these reasons, only this machine has all the official approvals of manufacturers of trucks, buses and trailers, including: Mercedes, MAN, Iveco, Volvo, Skanija, DAF, Reno, and others.

Wheel alignment is recommended after any wheel-related works, such as replacement of shock absorbers, tie rods, rocker arms, steering racks