Vehicle servicing and repair

Vehicle servicing and repair

SRBOAUTO d.o.o. Beograd services and repairs commercial vehicles and buses. Professional and well-trained staff, advanced diagnostic equipment and special tools enable us to beat off all challenges in the workshop and in the field.

We provide preventive, corrective and regular maintenance services for commercial vehicles and buses manufactured by the world renowned manufacturers such as MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, MAN, DAF, Scania, TAM, FAP, Ikarbus and many others.

In our servicing workshop you may do:

  • Regular servicing
  • Overhaul
  • Diagnostics of all vehicle systems and assemblies
  • Repair and overhaul of drive units (engines, transmission)
  • Brake and suspension system repairs
  • Repair of transmission systems and differentials
  • Repair of electrical installations and electrical components
  • Steering system repairs

SRBOAUTO services and repairs military vehicles

Overhaul of military vehicles includes: complete disassembly to the smallest parts, sandblasting and application of protective coats, replacement of defective parts, repair of all subassemblies and assemblies, assembly and application of paint finishes.

Acceptance of vehicles for overhaul

Once the vehicle is accepted in the repair department, it undergoes diagnostic testing in order to determine the scope of works necessary to bring the vehicle into an operational condition.

Interphase operations

The interphase operations (dismantling, disassembly, washing, diagnostics, completion, repair, assembly, protective coats, testing and mounting) involves dismantling and repair of assemblies and sub-assemblies.  Repairs are made by complexes, i.e. by disciplines – units (mechanics, electromechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, locksmith and car body, engines – ICE).

The last operation in this phase is installation of assemblies and vehicle completion.

Final inspection, testing and handover

After assembling and completing the vehicle, its integrity and functionality are tested. The last step in the repair is handling the vehicle to the user.

Overhauled military trucks:

  • TAM 80T5, TAM 110 T7, TAM 110 T10, TAM 260 T26,
  • FAP 1314, FAP 1118, FAP 2026, FAP 2226, FAP 1820,

TAM110 overhaul

Overhauled combat vehicles with modifications:

  • BOV 86 POLO, BOV M88-modified to BOV M11 and M15 MUP and BOV KIV M16 MOVS
  • PRAGA VS 35 modified to PRAGA M18 MUP RS

Upgrades and innovations

In addition to vehicle overhaul, SRBOAUTO upgrades and innovates vehicles.

Traction train upgrade in cooperation with the Military Technical Institute

Conversion of FAP 2026 to tractor:

Cooperation with the Ministry of Interior

SRBOAUTO services, repairs and overhauls vehicles of the Ministry of Interior.