A new SRBOAUTO’s service- installation of CNG conversion kits

A new SRBOAUTO’s service- installation of CNG conversion kits

Srboauto’s primary goal is to continuously increase the volume of work, expand the product and service capacities in order to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Our company has recently included a new service in its wide range of services, namely, CNG kit installation service…

First, we established the cooperation with Metan Market from Bulgaria, a company with the long-term experience in the installation of CNG kits in vehicles of various types and purposes and then several of our employees underwent three-days training in the installation of CNG kits in gasoline-powered vehicles (Bi Fuel). The training, which consisted of theoretical and practical work, was successfully completed in Sofia, and for the purpose of further monitoring and testing, our employees installed CNG equipment in a couple of company vehicles.

Bi fuel is a technology that can be applied to passenger vehicles that use gasoline as a fuel, where the vehicle uses CNG, but retains the possibility of using gasoline as a backup fuel. In this way, financial savings of up to 50% can be achieved. This technology can be applied to different types of vehicles that use diesel as a fuel.

In the coming period, Srboauto plans to significantly expand the CNG installation service to diesel-powered trucks and buses -“Dual fuel”. We also plan to start the conversion of diesel engines to operate on CNG 100%.

By monitoring our vehicles in which we have installed CNG kits, we came to the conclusion that the vehicles are safe, economical and reduce exhaust emissions and significantly contribute to environment protection.

Regardless of the financial aspect of installing CNG kits, which brings significant savings, Srboauto primarily promotes, develops and preserves a healthy environment, as well as the health of all employees.